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חיפוש לפי תגיות

Call for your urgent action to free all persons who were kidnapped by the Hamas organization !

As part of the brutal attack on Israeli residents, Hamas has abducted many Israelis, as well as citizens of other nationalities, to the Gaza Strip. Among these hostages are children (some of them very young), elderly, women and men. Some of the abductees are people with disabilities,

including at least two children with autism, a child with life-threatening allergies, a person needing assistance with daily functions , a person with an autoimmune disease, and other individuals with a variety of diseases requiring daily medical treatment.

We in “Bizchut” have been working in the past few days trying to exert international pressure for the immediate release of the abductees. In this matter, a letter was sent to the Red Cross. The letter was sent on behalf of various organizations promoting rights of people with disabilities and on behalf of people with disabilities. An additional letter regarding this matter will be sent to the UN.

Urgent call from disability advocacy organizations in Israel 141023
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